Terminoloji / web geliştirme



Nothing that you see on the internet is what it appears to be. Everything is coded in
one way or another to achieve the exact look, layout and functions. There are different
types of code and coding languages that are used to develop websites as well as all
computer programs and software.

İçerik Yönetim Sistemi – CMS / Content Management System

Also known as a CMS, the content management
system is a back-end tool for managing a site’s content that separates the content from
the design and functionality of the website. Using a cms can make it easier to change the
design of a site independent of the site’s content or pages.
A content management system can also make it easier for pages and images to be added
to the website for people who aren’t programmers, saving on the cost of hiring a
programmer because you can add/edit/delete content yourself