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Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu. Web sitelerinin arama motorlarında daha fazla görünür olabilmesi için yürütülen faaliyetlerin bütünüdür. Organik olarak yürütülen çalışmalardır. Web sitesinin trafik kalitesini, miktarını artırır.

Slider / Carousel

Web sitelerinde çoklu slayt gösterimi için kullanılan bileşenin adı.

Search Engine

A program that collects, stores, arranges and normally ranks the various resources available on the internet. It is most commonly on a website and used to find other websites – much like the yellow pages is used in the brick and mortar world.

Search Engine Friendly

This relates to how well a site has been put together. A search engine friendly website is one that search engines can easily read and find all the links on AND which search engines “like” because it is properly optimized and not breaking any of their rules.

Search Engine Listing

When someone searches for something using a search engine, all the sites that are listed in response to that search have a “search engine listing”.

Search Engine Ranking

Different to a search engine listing because a listing means the site appears anywhere on the list. Ranking relates to exactly where on the list it appears. Closer to the top means it has a higher ranking. A critical consideration in having your website found on the internet.

Search Result

When someone searches for something using a search engine, the list of websites and links that the search engine responds with is the search result. The aim of any website is to appear high in the search result.


Stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and very simply refers to the practice of tweaking website coding and content to achieve the highest possible search engine ranking. SEO practitioners are people who specialize in this (or claim to).


A server is a computer that is used to house websites and provide a physical storage area for websites and emails. Without a server, your website would not be viewable to the world. Servers are normally provided by hosting companies who keep the servers in special premises, under special conditions and with permanent connections to the internet


This is an index to all the content on a website. It is normally accessible from at least the front page of the site and is used for two purposes: to help people find what they are looking for on the site and to help search engines find all your links.