Terminoloji / D


Database Driven

: With a normal static website, the information that you see is on the
page itself. It does not change unless someone manually edits the page. On a database
driven website, the information is not stored on the page, but in a database. Every time
someone visits a particular page, the information is drawn from the database in order to
display it on the page. Information can therefore be easily cross-referenced and the same
information applied in many different ways, using formulas and different variables.

Display Type

Type that is designed with the objective of attracting attention. Think of
movie titles on posters, article titles in magazines, newspaper headlines, etc

Drop Down

A drop-down can be one of two elements: A drop-down menu is a
navigational menu that has sub-menus or categories below it. When clicked on, the sub
menus “drop down” and are then visible to the user. A drop-down field is found within a
form on a website. It acts similar to a drop-down menu, but it requires the user to choose
an option from multiple choices.