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Web sayfasılarının görüntülenmesi için kullanılan yazılım. Web sayfalarında her şey koddan ibarettir. Tarayıcı (Browser) kodu çözüp yorumlayıp kullanıcının anlayacağı bir düzene oturtur.


Diğer web sitelerinden yapılan bağlantı. Arama motorunun doğru tanımlaması, konumlandırılması ve indekslemesi için gereklidir. Web trafiğinin artmasını sağlar. Nitelikli ve değerli SEO işlemidir.


It may help if you read “traffic” first, but very simply, bandwidth relates to
how much a resource is used. An analogy would be a freeway. The wider the freeway, the
more traffic (users) it can handle. The narrower it is, the less people can use it at once
(without problems).
When a website gets a lot of visitors, it will use a lot of bandwidth.


When you send an email to someone and it comes straight back to you with an
error message, it is said to have bounced. It’s like the internet version of “return to sender”
except it is a computer or piece of software automatically sending it back to you, not a
person. Emails can bounce for many reasons. The most common are: you made a spelling
or typing error in the address, making the address invalid; the person you are sending to
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no longer has that email address; the person you are sending to has let their mailbox
become too full to accept new emails; a piece of software on the receiving end thinks that
your email is spam or that it includes a virus and sends it back to you.